ORION investing is an approach which aims to help people meet their personal and lifestyle goals, whatever they may be, in a straight forward and simple way. It does this by placing people’s goals right at the centre of the advice process and aims to build investment products that do the same.

Some investors may have goals such as ensuring they have enough income to live off in retirement and ensuring their money grows so that they can afford to take regular holidays in retirement. Alternatively, they might like to do all of that and also leave some money for their children or grandchildren.

Just as you may have different bank accounts for different purposes such as a savings account or a holiday account, it makes sense that your clients may be invested in different investments aimed at meeting different goals.

Once your client’s goals are identified you can then look to investment solutions that are targeted at meeting those particular goals.


AT ORIONET we are committed to building a culture that is entirely inclusive of different people, approaches and ideas. Seeking to deliver the best outcomes for our clients requires us to think and act differently, so we encourage a culture that fully supports this.

Fostering diversity and inclusion empowers our global workforce to be more innovative, more agile, make better decisions and better connect with our clients. We’re embracing a business model where diversity of thinking thrives – creating inclusive leadership opportunities, recruiting a wide range of people, supporting flexible working arrangements, and embedding diversity and inclusion into our performance and reward approach.

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ORIONET purpose is to help people to build and protect wealth so they can enjoy the life they want. To achieve this goal we need to run a sustainable, profitable business where all staff are valued and have an understanding of how their role contributes to this purpose.

ORIONET continually strives to create a work environment where staff are positively challenged and feel a sense of purpose and pride in what they do. We aim for roles that enable our people to achieve their own goals in tandem with the business goals.


We are empowered to deliver We work as one team to deliver excellence; We understand what’s expected of us, take personal responsibility for getting things done and trust others to do the same. We expect courageous long-term thinking We are open to new ideas; We seek diverse perspectives, consider the big picture and think about the long term when making decisions and solving problems; We are prepared to challenge the status quo, make tough decisions and learn from our mistake..


ORIONET is Australia’s largest commercial digital two way radio network registered service company img and is a multi-purpose company, transport and logistics, aviation, industrial and utilities, facility management and security, Construction, stock market, cryptocurrency trading, gold mining and other sector with the aim of raising funds to pay their investors daily percentage on their investments.


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